• A Travel Insider’s Tasmania Adventure

    Where does someone who has been everywhere want to go? That is a question that Damian McCabe, founder and CEO of McCabe World Travel, faced when attempting to craft a personal trip for her family. In a life that has seen her travel to all seven continents and experience far flung corners of the globe, Damian settled on Tasmania. She articulates her reasons below.

    What drew you to Tasmania as a destination to visit?

    “Tasmania has always been on my bucket list. It seems so remote and I’d seen pictures of the windswept beauty of the island. Plus I really wanted to see those Tasmanian Devils!”

    What were your initial expectations of Tasmania, without having been there before?

    “Tasmania was really much as I expected, except perhaps for the city of Hobart. It was much smaller and more quaint than I expected. Great museums! I think the roads were much less busy than I thought they would be. We rented a car on the island and self-drive was quite easy.”

    What was your favorite place you visited in Tasmania?

    “Saffire Freycinet, a luxury lodge in the Freycinet National Park was by far my most favorite place. Gorgeous views, beautiful accommodations and wonderful food. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s only 20 rooms!”

    What would you think travelers would find most surprising about Tasmania?

    “Travelers like to be surprised and delighted, and Tasmania really delivers. From beautiful hikes overlooking Wineglass Bay, home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to superb oysters, to finding an extraordinary Aboriginal Art Gallery in the capital town of Hobart, there are so many things to do and learn about that would be new to most travelers. Tasmania has a long seafaring history, too, for museum buffs. All in all, Tassie is a great addition to any trip down under.”

    What activity did you do that should be on everyone’s bucket list?

    “A visit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, just outside Hobart, should be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting Tassie. It is home to all the Australian species who might need special care – the ones we’ve heard of like kangaroos, wallabys and koalas, but they also care for Tasmanian Devils and lots of indigenous species most North Americans have never heard of like wombats, eastern quolls, sugar gliders and echidna!”

    What was your most memorable moment from your trip?

    “Our most memorable moment was holding a 10 week old wombat at Bonorong. I’m a huge animal lover and this little baby was darling.”

    What was something special Swain Destinations provided to you, before, during or after your trip?

    “I loved everything Swain Destinations did for my daughter and me in Tasmania; it was a great trip, but I think arranging for a private night tour at Bonorong was the highlight. So many Aussie animals are nocturnal, and to have the place all to ourselves was magic!”

    What was your favorite aspect about staying at Saffire?

    “Saffire offered amazing activities.  Loved the oyster farming morning. We put on waders at the oyster farm and walked out to see the nursery beds in the shallows. Then of course we foraged for our own full-grown oysters and enjoyed them with champagne right there in the water.”

    Damian McCabe - Why Tasmania?

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  • Gentle Giants of the Bushveld

    Africa is a place of enchantment. The power and pure energy of this ancient land and its inhabitants is palpable. As I cruise along an unpaved road, I scan the horizon for civilization and instead spot countless impalas, warthogs and giraffes. A refreshing breeze whips through my hair as the late afternoon sun warms me.

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    A Meeting with the Elephants

    With an abrupt stop, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, my field guide, Jason, instructs me to hop out of the vehicle. Camp Jabulani‘s Elephant manager, Tigere, greets me with a genuine smile. He asks if I am nervous about meeting the world’s largest land animal. I respond quickly, “of course not”; there’s no possible way for me to be anxious due to Tigere’s calm demeanor. With ten years of experience under his belt, I trust that he will keep me safe in this unfamiliar environment.

    We wait patiently in the middle of the open savannah near a fallen Acacia tree. Four tons of sheer mass silently approaches us. His name is Jabulani. I gently walk towards this humongous creature and place my hand on his trunk. Coarse bristles and hardened mud cover his wrinkly skin. He has scraggly eyelashes and human-like eyes. There’s an instant sense of mutual appreciation and respect.

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    I dump pellets of grain into Jabulani’s trunk and his hot breath fogs my sunglasses. His trunk twists and turns in every direction. The elephant’s strength, compassion and intelligence intrigues me. I am in awe of every moment. After Jabulani finishes two canvas sacks of food, his caretaker escorts him back into the bushveld. My soul is bursting with gratitude for this deeply personal interaction.

    “Where would we be without this herd of elephants? Two days will stand out in my mind as long as I live. The day that Jabulani arrived as a tiny baby – terrified and on the brink of death. And the day that the rest of the herd arrived and welcomed Jabulani as one of their own.” – Founder of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), Lente Roode.

    The Roode family, owners of HECS and Camp Jabulani, adopted these helpless elephants and now offer them a sustainable home. The love for these elephants is at the core of HECS and Camp Jabulani and is the purpose for their existence.

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    Life at the Camp

    Camp Jabulani’s work with these orphaned animals is intertwined in the design of the camp. Elephant emblems adorn the pillows, coasters and walls. Seven villas overlook the dry riverbed. Each villa is fitted with canopy beds, mahogany furniture, cozy fireplaces and exquisite craft pieces such as colorfully beaded African dolls. These accents are handcrafted by local artisans and mixed with heirloom pieces. It immediately makes you feel at home.

    Due to the intimate size of the camp, you get to know staff members and fellow travelers right away. Oil lanterns and a bonfire provide for a traditional South Africa braai (barbecue). Locals pop by to sing soulful songs and dance under the starry sky.

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    Photo Credit: Kathryn Fischer

    As intrepid travelers, the Roode family offers the unique adventures that we crave. The passion of those who work in this special part of the world is profound and inspires all who have had the privilege to experience it. Guests of Camp Jabulani are actively contributing to the well-being of these magnificent animals. This creates personal fulfillment and enriches memories to last a lifetime.

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  • Queensland, Where Australia Shines

    Justifiably known as the “sunshine state,” Queenslanders enjoy a lifestyle that makes other Australians green with envy. Along with its perfect climate and sleepy seaside towns, Queensland is also home to a 110-million-year-old rainforest, and one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

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  • 100% Pure New Zealand with Swain Destinations

    New Zealand holds something in store for every type of traveler. A country where luxurious escapes, adrenaline packed adventures and cultural experiences are around every corner, New Zealand’s North and South islands are true treasures to be discovered. Say goodbye to ordinary, as you uncover extraordinary New Zealand.

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