A Travel Insider’s Tasmania Adventure

Where does someone who has been everywhere want to go? That is a question that Damian McCabe, founder and CEO of McCabe World Travel, faced when attempting to craft a personal trip for her family. In a life that has seen her travel to all seven continents and experience far flung corners of the globe, Damian settled on Tasmania. She articulates her reasons below.

What drew you to Tasmania as a destination to visit?

“Tasmania has always been on my bucket list. It seems so remote and I’d seen pictures of the windswept beauty of the island. Plus I really wanted to see those Tasmanian Devils!”

What were your initial expectations of Tasmania, without having been there before?

“Tasmania was really much as I expected, except perhaps for the city of Hobart. It was much smaller and more quaint than I expected. Great museums! I think the roads were much less busy than I thought they would be. We rented a car on the island and self-drive was quite easy.”

What was your favorite place you visited in Tasmania?

“Saffire Freycinet, a luxury lodge in the Freycinet National Park was by far my most favorite place. Gorgeous views, beautiful accommodations and wonderful food. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s only 20 rooms!”

What would you think travelers would find most surprising about Tasmania?

“Travelers like to be surprised and delighted, and Tasmania really delivers. From beautiful hikes overlooking Wineglass Bay, home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to superb oysters, to finding an extraordinary Aboriginal Art Gallery in the capital town of Hobart, there are so many things to do and learn about that would be new to most travelers. Tasmania has a long seafaring history, too, for museum buffs. All in all, Tassie is a great addition to any trip down under.”

What activity did you do that should be on everyone’s bucket list?

“A visit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, just outside Hobart, should be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting Tassie. It is home to all the Australian species who might need special care – the ones we’ve heard of like kangaroos, wallabys and koalas, but they also care for Tasmanian Devils and lots of indigenous species most North Americans have never heard of like wombats, eastern quolls, sugar gliders and echidna!”

What was your most memorable moment from your trip?

“Our most memorable moment was holding a 10 week old wombat at Bonorong. I’m a huge animal lover and this little baby was darling.”

What was something special Swain Destinations provided to you, before, during or after your trip?

“I loved everything Swain Destinations did for my daughter and me in Tasmania; it was a great trip, but I think arranging for a private night tour at Bonorong was the highlight. So many Aussie animals are nocturnal, and to have the place all to ourselves was magic!”

What was your favorite aspect about staying at Saffire?

“Saffire offered amazing activities.  Loved the oyster farming morning. We put on waders at the oyster farm and walked out to see the nursery beds in the shallows. Then of course we foraged for our own full-grown oysters and enjoyed them with champagne right there in the water.”

Damian McCabe - Why Tasmania?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i took a similar trip with Swain several years ago – as a part of an educational trip! I must say I echo your sentiments exactly! Everything from the great Tour Company, to the tour by car, and experience of seeing the country side to the hike across the mountain to Wineglass Bay were exceptional. The seafood is literally to die for … fresh, huge and plentiful, especially when served Bayside in the “bush”. Next to the surprise art works/ visits, and wildlife sanctuaries was the riverside meal (breakfast i think) of fresh fish cooked and prepared while listening to the rush sounds of the river flowing by. SWAIN DELIVERED!

    • Katie Manly says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience in Tasmania with Swain Destinations. We take great time and care crafting memorable experiences for our Clients and Advisors, and are so happy to hear that the trip was truly educational and that we were able to surprise and delight, as Damian says!

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