Ian Swain Sr

  • Safari in the Mara

    I left Nairobi early in the morning and hopped on a short flight to The Mara. The Mara is an extremely large game reserve in Kenya. It was named to honor the ancestral inhabitants of the area, the Maasai people. “Mara”, in their native tongue, means “spotted”. From great distances, the circles of trees, shrubs, cloud shadows and savanna create a brilliant shadow effect that inspired the name, “Mara. I always enjoy hearing these cultural stories – really helps you to immerse yourself in your surroundings -having a bit of knowledge of how it came to be. Continue Reading

    May 15, 2013 • Africa, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 3322

  • Family vacation continues in Sydney

    There is always this special feeling I get when I land in Sydney – always something new to the city or exciting people to meet.  This time, after only a short flight from Hamilton Island and our island getaway at Hayman – it felt great to re-immerse into city life. And, with the fairly new tunnel system, it was a quick 15-minute transfer to the InterContinental Sydney, where we would be spending the next three nights. Continue Reading

    May 7, 2013 • Australia, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 3604

  • Wolgan Valley and my incredible stay

    It had been over a year since I last visited this beautiful lodge, and my how things have changed. During the interim and under the guidance of Joost (the GM) and Ben (Manager of Conservation and Activities), thousands of trees have been planted and wildlife safety and conservation has been at the forefront of operations. Continue Reading

    April 23, 2013 • Australia, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 6518

  • Hayman Island with the family

    Hayman was our first stop after my Mum’s 80th birthday celebration on the Gold Coast. We had almost all of the family including my brother George, his wife Michelle and their two daughters, Georgia and Ashley. After our flight, we popped the sunnys on and walked down the jetty to board the Sun Goddess. Continue Reading

    April 15, 2013 • Australia, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 6002

  • My recent stay at Southern Ocean Lodge

    We all flew from Sydney and easily made the connection to REX Airlines for the short hop to Kangaroo Island, home to Southern Ocean Lodge. Once we landed, there stood Craig Wickham of Exceptional Kangaroo Island, the best tour operator in Australia and a great friend. I have known Craig for over 25 years and consider him a real mate! Continue Reading

    April 10, 2013 • Australia, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 3802

  • Safari in Kruger and Sabi Sand

    Kruger and Sabi Sand – South Africa

    As I sit outside on the deck of my suite at Singita Lebombo at 4:30 AM, I am surrounded by the sounds of the African bush as the moon retreats to bed for the day. I can hear Hippos grunting to each other and splashing in the river below, lions sending guttural calls, birds just starting to rise and chirp and the baboons swinging in the trees. How could this get better, in the stillness of the southern skies at night? The all familiar (to me) Southern Cross is making its way across the lower skies, something I miss living in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps it is right now guiding a sailor across the seas towards Australia? Continue Reading

    May 23, 2012 • Africa, Ian Swain Sr • Views: 2862