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  • True North Food & Wine Experiences

True North Food & Wine Experiences

The Oldest Art Known to Mankind, Oysters and Champagne.

A ‘Farm to Table’ event with a difference - intriguing rock-art points to a nearby harvest of plenty. See the story panels and ponder how life once was. Then join gatherers of more recent times and indulge in succulent oysters collected in the gallery’s early morning light. Sample straight from the sea washed down with champagne or savor for a Kimberley sunset and, oysters on the bow. A crowd-pleaser TRUE NORTH style! Kilpatrick with corn-fed black pig pancetta. Roasted with organic maple syrup until candied and crisp and dressed with home brewed tamarind tomato ragout – then slowly grilled in the shell. Naturals - lightly seasoned with Murray River sea salt, black pepper and citrus juice. Kimberley Sunsets drizzled with salmon roe, sour cream, lemon juice and vodka.

Fish with the Chef!

It’s not very often that you find an opportunity to accompany your chef as he or she hand-picks the evening’s fare. It’s even more-unique to stand side by side as you negotiate with an un negotiable mud crab, or an aerial barramundi or a marauding mackerel. This is a very exclusive opportunity to spend time with those who devote so much time to you. Hear their stories, witness skill beyond the galley and, make your own contribution to the menu. Land the catch of the day and then stay alongside as we demonstrate the processes involved – from the sea to your plate, a dining experience that practices what we preach - sustainable, organic and very Australian. And the food style is to “let the fish do the talking” – we only highlight with ingredients that accentuate the natural sweetness and flavours of the fillet. Perhaps for lunch – seared barramundi, Broome mango & mud crab millet, roasted macadamias and mint salad.

Chat with the Chef!

Sunset drinks on the beach are always a feature of a TRUE NORTH cruise. And here waits yet another opportunity to spend time with our masters of Australian cuisine. As we prepare fish in the smoker and sizzle mud-crabs in the coals - share the flavors of the day and drink-in the stunning colour of days end. Delicate finger-mark bream smoked with Raft Point lemon grass mixed with melaleuca paper-bark and red wine oak chips. Freshly caught mud-crab baked on red gum coals and served ceviche on the beach. Then spend some time again when our chefs introduce the five-component cheese board served mild through to most robust and complimented with fine Australian wine. Benefit from personal tasting notes and learn history and technique.

Take Away Something More!

In fact – pop in anytime. The galley door is always open and guests on the TRUE NORTH are always encouraged to spend time with our chefs. You might encounter freshly prepared breakfast items like jams, marmalade, artisan honeys, or oil infused bread rolls made daily for the lunch and dinner settings. See butchery or fish mongering, just and stock creation, curing, smoking, gently pressing and marinating with a Cryovac machine or cooking with a thermo regulated water bath. Watch them roll pasta, discuss how they prepare sashimi or simply take a photo to remind just how much you indulged whilst on-board the mighty TRUE NORTH.

The Proof is in The Pudding!

Take seat next to fellow-adventurer as the last of day’s light dances on a horizon never obscured. Invitation is extended by hand-crafted marri and immaculate settings whilst in the galley the chefs ready to plate what they started to prepare no less than 72 hours previous. They have brined shoulders of lamb, sous-veined with goose fat and herbs and slowly roasted. Then chilled, pressed and portioned ready to serve. Confit garlic and thyme roasted lamb rumps sliced medium-rare - resting on wild mushroom potato puree and sticky lamb jus. With peppery watercress, yellow bean and hazelnut salad to finish. Later, double-skin glasses are placed before one and all - topped with a disc of tempered white chocolate and five dots of burnt raspberry coulis. A drizzle of warm Kimberley honey then reveals cold pressed seasonal nectarines and vanilla bean from Papua New Guinea.

True North Food & Wine ExperiencesTrue North Food & Wine ExperiencesTrue North Food & Wine ExperiencesTrue North Food & Wine ExperiencesTrue North Food & Wine ExperiencesTrue North Food & Wine Experiences