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North America

North America

Extraordinary experiences in true Swain Destinations style await you in the land of bounty, North America. With confidence that every detail is arranged to suit you and your traveling companions, Swain offers a wide range of customized experiences throughout the continent.

Explore the "Southern Charm" along the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina, with its French Quarter’s antebellum architecture and horse-drawn carriages. Turn the sands of time even further back in Mexico’s Yucatan, where Mayan ruins and colonial Cathedrals meet hidden cenotes and secret beaches.

Whether you are looking for culture, adventure or relaxation, Swain Destinations offers you the opportunity to travel in luxury through North America with just a short flight or drive. Minimum effort for maximum reward!
North America



North America

Sample Itineraries

These are sample routes that have been developed over many years to reflect the most frequent and favored requests of our independent travelers to our chosen North American countries. These suggestions allow departure to North American destinations on any day, choose your accommodation level and add extra nights and exotic tours as desired.

Whether using these itineraries as a basis to travel North America or if you’d prefer to travel using one of our pre-designed North American packages, these sample itineraries compile some of our best locations, lodging and activities that this continent has to offer. With no limit on how many changes can be made, our Swain Destinations specialists for North America can ensure that you will not miss any ancient city or cultural activity on your North American adventure.


Tours and Activities

These pages provide an overview of must-see and -do highlights we travel to throughout your stay in North America. These amazing destinations and outstanding touring options are often included in our itineraries, or can be added to suit individual needs and personal interests, as well as budget and schedule limits. There are North American activities for all interests.

Swain Destinations’ activities are able to accommodate all of our travelers. To ensure that you don’t miss anything while on your trip, we compiled an exclusive list of some of the continent’s most exciting and exclusive experiences for all types of interests.



Offering a variety of accommodation levels and tastes from standard to luxury in North America, Swain Destination prides itself on working with some of the best hotels, lodges and bed & breakfasts on the continent. Immersive, mindful, and relaxing, clients are well-looked after, and their every request fulfilled.