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South Pacific Islands

South Pacific Islands

Stunning turquoise waters, white sand beaches, remote hideaway and romantic adventures await in the South Pacific Islands. Located in the Tropic of Cancer and commonly referred to as Oceania, the islands are made up of volcanoes, reefs and atolls. Including in Society Islands, the Cook Islands, and Fiji, among others, these islands are remote, largely untouched and breathtakingly beautiful. Luxury travel is taken to new heights as unique accommodations dot the white sand beaches on each island.

Discover Tahiti and Bora Bora, considered by many to be the most beautiful of the South Pacific Islands, or head to Fiji, known for its beaches, reefs, inland forests and friendly natives. The islands of the South Pacific elude romance and are the perfect place to escape the perils of everyday life. Whether you're discovering the friendly nature of the Cook Island locals, horse-riding on a beach in Fiji, or exploring the beauty and mystery of Vanuatu; the hardest choice will be deciding which island paradise is the perfect escape for your dream vacation.
South Pacific Islands

Sample Itineraries

These are sample routes that have been developed over many years to reflect the most frequent and favored requests of our independent travelers in the sunny South Pacific. These suggestions allow you to depart islands on any day, choose your accommodation level and add extra nights and tours as desired during your excursions in the South Pacific.

Whether using these itineraries as a starting off point for island hopping or if you’d prefer to travel using one of our pre-designed packages, these sample journeys compile some of our luxurious locations, lodging and activities of these island countries. With no limit on how many changes can be made, our Swain Destinations specialists for the South Pacific can ensure that you will not miss a single island or activity in the sun on your island adventures.


Tours and Activities

These pages provide an overview of must-see and -do highlights in each chain of islands we travel to. These amazing islands and their outstanding beaches and activities are often included in our itineraries, or can be adapted to individual needs and personal interests, as well as budget and schedule parameters.

Offering everything from private island-cruising to swimming with dolphins, Swain Destinations’ activities in the South Pacific are able to accommodate all of our travelers. To ensure that you don’t miss any a single island adventure while on your trip, we compiled an exclusive list of some of the isles most exciting and exclusive experiences to satisfy all types of interests. Enjoy some exclusives like a Tahitian feast on Moorea to discovering Nadi in Fiji.



Offering a variety of accommodation levels and tastes, Swain Destination prides itself on their extensive South Pacific island property listing. With some of the best hotels, lodges and resorts in the Pacific Rim, clients are well looked after with their every request attended to with first-class hospitality.