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Culturally diverse, geographically unique, luxury inspired and distinctly unlike anywhere else on earth; Asia is a world hot spot offering hundreds of temples, cultural experiences and ancient sites to share with its guests. Visitors are enveloped in each country’s distinguishing foods, languages, peoples and awe-inspiring locales. 

On the eastern edge of Asia sits a string of islands that form a culturally rich, luxury inspired and highly unique travel destination: Japan is a world hot spot offering breathtaking architecture—like temples covered in gold leaf and set in tranquil gardens—traditional experiences, and big-city energy. Here, visitors are surrounded by distinguishing foods, proud people, and awe-inspiring locales. Japan magically blends old-world customs with cutting edge modernity to create a wondrous kaleidoscope of offerings for travelers.

Unwind in the hot springs set in the foreground of Mount Fuji, taste the unique, fresh flavors and cuisine of the region, Stay in one of the many ryokans welcoming guests in proud tradition for centuries, and explore the pulsating heart of the nation in Tokyo; Japan delivers on every possible level. 




Sample Itineraries

These are sample routes that have been developed over many years to reflect the most frequent and favored requests of our independent travelers. These suggestions allow departure on any day, choose your accommodation level and add extra nights and exotic tours as desired.

Whether using these itineraries as a basis to build a customized journey through Japan or if you’d prefer one of our pre-designed packages, these sample itineraries feature some of our very best locations, lodging and activities the country has to offer. With no limit on how many changes can be made, our Swain Destinations specialists can ensure that you will not miss any ancient city or must-do cultural highlight on your Japanese adventure.


Tours and Activities

These pages provide an overview of must-see highlights in each region we travel to in Japan. A mix of ultra-modern activities and unique ancient rituals are available for travelers to explore, and are often included in our itineraries or can be added to suit individual needs and personal interests, as well as budget and schedule parameters.

From a traditional tea ceremony or walking tour through some of Japan’s naturally blessed areas, to the hustle and bustle of local markets, and brushes with traditional Maiko dancers, our Japan specialists can accommodate all requests of our travelers. To ensure that you don’t miss any culture experience while on your trip, we gathered an exclusive list of some of Japan’s most exciting endeavors to satisfy all interests.



Offering a variety of accommodation levels and tastes, Swain Destinations prides itself on their extensive portfolio of properties in Japan. With some of the best hotels, guest houses and traditional places to stay, travelers are spoiled for choice with exquisite Japanese hospitality to meet any need.