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  • Capella Lodge Food & Wine Experiences

Capella Lodge Food & Wine Experiences

Lord Howe on High

Standing tall at 875 meters, Mount Gower is Lord Howe’s highest mountain. Rated as one of Australia’s best day walks, the Mount Gower hike is a challenging eight-hour return trek, complete with ropeassisted climbs and dizzying drops. Under the guidance of local personality and sixth generation islander Jack Shick, walkers traverse around 14 kilometers across the mountain’s rugged terrain, encountering some of the islands rarest plants and wildlife along the way. Standing atop Gower’s iconic peak, amongst its misty forest inhabited by the island’s famous woodhens, walkers experience breathtaking 360-degree views of the island and its crystal blue waters. Jack is also a bush tucker enthusiast, so you never know what you might find!

Eat, Stay, Forage

Executive Chef at Capella, Pete Smit, loves getting his hands dirty... in the garden that is! His passion for foraging is evident in the rapidly expanding kitchen veggie patch – relationships have been cultivated with plants and islanders alike, who have opened their gardens, in a warm show of community, enabling Pete to showcase the local harvest in a single dish. Go foraging with Pete for pea flowers and sea spinach at Blinky’s Beach followed by a visit to local Nobbs’s garden, who supplies the lodge with a bounty of eggs, vegetables and edible flowers. Rocket flowers, nasturtiums, watercress, oxalis, and various sea herbs are just a small example of the local leaves and flowers Pete uses on all of his dishes.

Catch of the Day

Lord Howe is legendary for fishing. Surrounded by Marine Park and with no commercial fishery, the diversity of species, terrain, methods – and the sheer abundance of fish – rank Lord Howe among the world’s top fishing destinations. Hook-up with local identity Jack Shick on Noctiluca, his 8 meter purpose-built vessel for a great day of deep-sea fishing, sightseeing or bird watching. There are dozens of hot spots for hooking into monster pelagics such as Lord Howe Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo, as well as several species unique to Lord Howe. After a spectacular day on the water, return to Capella where the chefs will turn your catch into a culinary delight for dinner.

Fish Fry

Wade into the sparkling water at Neds Beach, at the island’s north-east, to hand feed the fish. You will instantly be surrounded by a feeding frenzy of mullet, wrasse, garfish, silver-drummer, spangled emperor and Kingfish. Islanders know how to enjoy themselves and you too can embrace the relaxed Lord Howe way of life with a sunset BBQ. Join the Capella chefs at Neds Beach for a fish fry like no other, and the must-have ingredient, fresh caught Kingfish!

Jack and the Bean Stalk

There’s no denying Jack’s a local. A sixth generation islander, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about Lord Howe. He’s also a passionate foodie who takes great pride in his vegetable garden! Join him for an insider’s view to the island, maybe rob a bee hive or two and visit his prized patch where he grows the tomatoes over the summer season (best-tasting ever!) and many other veggies and herbs, regularly showcased on the menu at Capella.

Capella Lodge Food & Wine ExperiencesCapella Lodge Food & Wine ExperiencesCapella Lodge Food & Wine ExperiencesCapella Lodge Food & Wine ExperiencesCapella Lodge Food & Wine ExperiencesCapella Lodge Food & Wine Experiences