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Rail Travel

Scenic vistas, captivating landscapes and superb accommodations are just a few of the things you will experience on one of Swain’s extraordinary rail journeys across the world. Glide along the steel laneways as you sit back and gaze at the ever-changing scenery.

Featuring whistle-stop tours and off-train excursions, most of our rail itineraries are ready to provide travelers with a more in-depth discovery of some of your destination’s most fascinating sites and scenic delights. Accommodations on these great railways range from standard private cabins to luxury sleeping cars, featuring fine dining and premium services for the ultimate rail experience. Comfortable seating areas and stylish on-board lounges and dining cars also complement the onboard services.

Experience the iconic railways of Australia, the unique rail experiences that span across Southeast Asia, or take a ride on one of the high-speed trains of China or Japan.