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  • Victoria Golf Club

Victoria Golf Club

The Victoria Club has an incredible history in world golf and in 1954, perhaps one of the most remarkable feats in the world golf occurred, when Doug Bachli won the British Amateur Championship and Peter Thomson won the first of his five British Open Championships. The Clubhouse is regarded as one of the best in Australia and includes 15 twin-share accommodation rooms. The contribution of these houseguests to the ‘fabric’ of the Club is significant. The hospitality experiences offered by the Club are exceptional and the awe of first-time guests ensures that they become regular visitors to the Club.

There is a unique quality about Victoria Golf Club, our golf club, which is unmatched by any other in the world. And in case the reader detects a parochial connotation in that statement he should be assured that it is backed by any objective analysis or detailed comparison that can be applied. The purpose of delving into the club’s archives and producing this book on the club’s history and achievements is to make members of Victoria fully aware of their heritage and traditions.

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