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The Serai Sundowners at the Dunes

The Sundowner on the Dunes is an expedition to experience a magical desert sunset can be experienced at nearby private sand dunes near the village of Mulana and is highly recommended for all who are at Serai. Start the trek in a 45 minute jeep drive. During the drive, you can view of life in the desert, spot a variety of wild life or even see local herdsmen grazing their goats. On arrival, camel rides are prepared to take you up to the dunes through the Thar Desert. Along the way, enjoy cocktails and tiffin, while looking for a glimpse of Blue bulls or Chinkara. Sit on a leather safari chair, and watch the dunes change colour as the sun goes down. Breathtaking views of the sunset against the might desert dunes provides a once in a life time experience of color and amazement. Sundowners at the dunes includes tour, picnic tea and refreshments.

Location: Jaisalmer
Touring Options: Private
Great For: Cultural, Sun & Sand