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Stranraer Homestead

Stranraer is a historic federation homestead built in 1920 from limestone gathered on the property.  The homestead has now been meticulously restored to its former glory.

This traditional Kangaroo Island Bed and Breakfast Accommodation offers an outstanding glimpse of the real Kangaroo Island lifestyle.  Enjoy your stay on this working Kangaroo Island farm, catch a glimpse of the bird life on the lagoons (including cape barren geese, musk duck and banded stilt), explore the island daily, then return to your historic hideaway to recharge for another outstanding day exploring the wonders of Kangaroo Island.
Stranraer Homestead
Stranraer Homestead
Stranraer Homestead
Stranraer Homestead
Stranraer Homestead
Stranraer Homestead

Room Information

Stranraer is an incredibly exclusive homestead, having only four guest rooms all of which have cosy fireplaces.  All rooms are quite spacious and have lovely garden views.  Sometimes you may even enjoy the company of curious birds right outside your window.

Things To Do

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus and Bushcraft Souvenirs: Take the opportunity to find out how a traditional Aussie Bush Product is made.  South Australia's only commercial eucalyptus distillery. Operating self sufficiently by a working steam engine and the sun.

Clifford's Honey Farm: In 1881, August Fiebig brought twelve bee hives from the Italian province of Liguria and established an apiary near Penneshaw. Since then no other breeds of bee have been introduced to Kangaroo Island. As a result of the island's isolation, all present-day honey bees are descendants of the original twelve hives. These bees are pure Ligurian and as such are unique in the world. Ligurian bees are renowned for their gentle nature and golden color.

These characteristics, as well as the purity of the strain, makes them a valuable genetic pool for breeding purposes. Mated Queen bees are regularly exported interstate and overseas, and have in fact been sent back to Italy!

With this in mind, in 1931 legislation was introduced prohibiting the importation of bees and used bee-keeping equipment to the Island. Since then, the identification of Foul Brood Disease in mainland hives has necessitated the banning of all bee products to the island to ensure that the Ligurian population remains disease free.

D'Estrees Bay: Located on the southern coast of the Island, this beautiful bay is home to the majestic sea eagle, also known as the Osprey. D'Estrees is a quiet, tranquil beach, away from the main "drag", this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Kangaroo Island. Tip - Have your camera and long lens at the ready, this is the perfect opportunity for capturing some great shots of the Osprey from the shore.



Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia



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Price Guide

$ = Up to $299
$$ = $300 to $599
$$$ = $600 to $999
$$$$ = $1000 to $2499
$$$$$ = $2500+
Starting price per room, per night, in USD and based on double occupancy.