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Bullo River Station

Bullo River Station's 500,000 acres are encircled by the coffee colored waters of the Victoria River and rugged hills inscribed with Aboriginal rock art.  This vast property is not only home to around 9,000 Brahman-cross cattle, but also a stunning variety of local fauna species including wallabies, dingoes, wild buffalo, a myriad of native and migratory birds, fish and the omnipresent crocodile.  The 'Boab' is Bullo's symbol and these proud trees dot the entire property lending their stature to what is already an impressive landscape.

For a visitor to Bullo River, this is not a choreographed experience, but one that changes according to the dictates of station life.  There is no such thing as a typical day at Bullo, and the friendly and capable team will arrange all of your activities tailor-made each day to suit your wishes.  For anyone who wants to learn some real Aussie bushcraft, from cracking a bullwhip to roping cattle aboard a bull catcher, the team at Bullo are the experts to show you.  Barramundi fishing, cattle mustering and branding, horse riding and quad biking are all possible at the station, depending on the weather and what is going on at the time.  That's not to say there aren't places to just read a book and take a leisurely swim in remote, beautiful waterholes and sandy beaches, most accessible only by helicopter.

Bullo River Station is located 800km from Darwin, in Timber Creek, Northern Territory.
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station

Room Information

Guest accommodation, located only a few meters from the main homestead, is a purpose built area consisting of 12 double/twin rooms off one central corridor, each with air-conditioning and en suite. The decor is simple - cool, tiled floors, indigenous art on the walls and no phones or televisions.  All rooms are serviced daily and have sliding door access to the lawns surrounding the homestead.

Things To Do


Cattle Mustering & Station Work: Cattle mustering is seasonal, over the dry season months May to October, and guests are welcome to watch or participate with the handling of stock.  With most of the mustering now done by helicopter and quad bikes, guests are welcome to take a front seat view on the huge range of activities that are associated with the running of an outback cattle station, which might be anything from mustering work to branding and dehorning of cattle in the yard.

Horse Riding: Whilst helicopters and quad bikes are predominantly used in the modern era of Station work, horses are still an important part of the operations at Bullo River.  There are stock horses available for guests to ride subject to your riding ability.  All riding is with the expert assistance and guidance of one of the Bullo team members.  If you are a keen horse rider please let us know in advance, so we can arrange guided rides during your stay.  It is also recommended you bring suitable riding boots.

Aboriginal Rock Art & Gorge Cruising: Visit Aboriginal rock art sites and discover more about this ancient culture with a private guide.  Gain an insight into the significance of their culture through their art and the history of the Aboriginal people in this part of Australia.  The station is home to a number of galleries of dramatic Aboriginal rock art, and each year the hosts uncover more sites of the very early Bradshaw art and more recent Wandjina art.  Combine this with a river cruise up the spectacular Bullo River Gorge to fish or spot crocodiles, or simply take in the pristine landscape that is northern Australia.

Helicopter Tours: The view of Bullo’s vastness from a chopper is truly breathtaking and comes highly recommended.  There are several large freshwater swimming holes and waterfalls high up in the escarpment away from the crocodiles which can only be accessed by helicopter and whilst it is an additional cost, this is a wonderful way to explore parts of the property that are inaccessible by any other means.
One of the best ways to spend an afternoon at Bullo River is a visit to the 'Cascades'.  Just a 20 minute helicopter flight from the homestead, a spring-fed stream trickles through a sandstone cliff, carving a series of magnificent jade-green rock pools connected by waterfalls.  Spending a couple of hours here alternating between the cool water and the warm rocks is an experience to treasure.

Fishing: For the novice or enthusiast the opportunity for some of the best fishing in northern Australia can be found here.  The Bullo River runs for 80km through the property providing the opportunity for fresh and tidal salt water fishing.  The Bullo River then joins the Victoria River, one of the largest and most remote rivers in Australia and the property's eastern boundary.  Whilst Bullo is famous for Barramundi fishing there are also other species including Thread Fin Salmon, Jew Fish, Mangrove Jack and Black Bream.  Bullo has boats to get you where the fish are biting.  Of course you can fish from the river bank or, for an optional extra, you can travel by helicopter to some of the more remote fishing spots.

Birds & Wildlife: Bullo's beauty is not only the various waterfalls and gorges; it is also the bird and wildlife.  Over 100 bird species have been spotted on the property, from emus to magpie geese, wedge-tailed eagles, red wing parrots, brolgas and the elegantly long-legged jabiru that pick their way delicately through the reeds.  A detailed list is available for avid bird watchers.  Some of the wildlife that inhabit Bullo include wallabies, herds of buffalo, goannas and other reptiles, wild pigs, and of course some of Australia's largest and smallest crocodiles call Bullo River home, from five meter monsters to the rare pygmy crocodiles.  You are likely to spot these prehistoric predators before they slip quietly back into the accommodating waters.



Timber Creek, Northern Territory, Australia



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