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Hangzhou and West Lake Tour

Depart your hotel by private vehicle bound for West Lake (Xi Hu), the focus of Hangzhou's exceptional beauty. It's a small lake, about 3 miles across and 9 miles around. Dotted with islets, temples, pavilions and gardens, causeways and arched bridges, this jade-like lake have constituted the supreme example of lakeside beauty in China ever since Hangzhou served as China's capital during the Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1127-1279). Hangzhou's West Lake remains to this day what one 12th-century visitor proclaimed it 'a landscape composed by a painter.' From West Lake travel to Hangzhou Botanical Garden, a park once favored by Emperor Kangxi, as the spot for viewing lotus blossoms. Today it is also popular with fanciers of gardens and koi (goldfish), especially at Jade Spring. You will be returned back to your hotel. Lunch is included.

Location: Hangzhou
Length: Length: Half-day
Touring Options: Private
Great For: Cultural