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The white continent, Antarctica, is often seen as the final frontier for intrepid travelers with the lofty ambition of seeing all the Earth’s continents, looking to cross off continent number seven. But for the truly adventurous traveler, Antarctica should never be seventh. This is Earth at its most natural, untouched, and environmentally pristine.  After visiting some of the most southerly destinations in South America, cross the infamous Drake’s Passage and discover this polar paradise. You will bundle up in garments made for extra warmth to protect against the sub-zero temperatures and disinfect your boots prior to leaving your luxurious accommodations for exploration. Once in your zodiac boat or kayak, you will have ample time to take in the serene stillness of the silent white lands and spot the wildlife that thrives in the Antarctic environment. When weather conditions permit, landings will allow you to seek out ruins of whaling ship from years gone by or get a view of a penguin colony that even David Attenborough would be jealous of. You will be immersed in the history, geology, and biology of the region both on and off board, as your opportunities to learn are endless. From participating in research projects during your explorations, to the lectures and workshops the Expedition Leaders hold on the ship in the evenings, you will leave with a better understanding of this continent and the Earth as a whole.