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Camping in Antarctica

This activity takes place after dinner and before breakfast and is offered only when the route, weather, and ice/snow conditions allow. Imagine sleeping under the Antarctic sky with little more than the thin wall of a tent separating you from the elements. In the true style of the early explorers, venture out at night for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to feel like a polar explorer. This activity features top-of-the-line camping equipment that meets Antarctic standards for camping on snow. The adventure starts with a pre-camp briefing by experienced Expedition Team members, who will accompany you on this activity. Set up our camp after dinner, with guests participating from beginning to end. After the camp is set up, either go to bed or sit outside and marvel at the stillness—or listen to penguins in the distance. Depending on the landing site, you may be able to take short walks to nearby viewpoints and visit penguin colonies in the bright Antarctic night. Consider waking up early and watching the sunrise. In the morning hours, take down the camp and small boats (RIBs) collect the group to return to the ship. Back on board, enjoy a special breakfast and recap the experience. Hurtigruten adheres to all guidelines associated with onshore overnight stays in Antarctica. Nothing is left behind, and all traces of human presence is removed to protect wildlife and the fragile environment.



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