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Elephant Encounter Walk with Giants

Interact with some of the biggest personalities in Africa, in a pristine environment overflowing with raw natural beauty. The elephant sanctuary was founded on the principle of conservation, and one of the most effective ways to evoke a sense of environmental responsibility is to show what stands to be lost. Learn about individual elephants, their lifestyle and their future release plans during an insightful and educational presentation on the sanctuary. and the individual elephants, their lifestyle and their future release plans. Engage with guides that have journeyed - physically and metaphorically, incredible distances with these elephants and learn more about the complexities of the individuals and the herd structures. Venture out into the bush to spend time with the elephants, here you will witness the special relationship the handlers share with the elephants and become a part of it.


Victoria Falls


Less than Four Hours

Touring Options:

Small Group

Great For:

Family, Wildlife