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Izamal and Tixkokob with Hammock Workshop

Visit the traditional Maya village of Tixkokob to see how more than 700 local families practice the age-old tradition of hammock weaving. This rural community, located 30 minutes east of Mérida, is famous for its high-quality hammocks. You will meet a local artisan at his family’s workshop and discover the secrets and techniques to best lie in a hammock. You will also experience artisan culture first-hand as you observe, learn and optionally participate in a demonstration of the craft.  Enjoy a stop for a brief tour of a local “tortillería” to observe the tortilla-making process. You will discover the importance of corn, also known as maize, and how it represents a culinary tradition and cultural identity in Mexico. Next, the journey brings you to Izamal, once a Maya settlement meaning ‘Place of the God of Medicine’. It is now a stunning pueblo mágico (magic town) where most of the buildings are painted yellow and white. Apart from that, it is also famous for its 16th century Franciscan monastery that was built upon the base of a huge Maya pyramid, which was likely much larger than the Castillo at Chichen Itzá. Your expert guide will lead you around the grounds, pointing out Maya stones and the original wooden roof work that has survived to this day, along with murals and tombs. As you explore the monastery, you will also learn about the Maya written history that was burnt just after the monastery was constructed.