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Excursion to Copper Canyon with Cable Car

Spend the entire day exploring the dramatic area of the canyon, one of the last undiscovered treasures of North America. Learn about Otero Canyon which is 4,987 feet in depth while enjoying amazing views. Hear about the geological forces that created the seven individual canyons, collectively known as the Copper Canyon. You will also spend time with the local Tarahumara Indians, a semi-nomadic tribe whose ancestors have lived in the canyon’s caves for thousands of years, and gain insight into their timeless traditions and culture. Later today experience the crossing of the canyon in a spectacular cable car ride (one of the highest in the world) to a breathtaking viewpoint from where you can marvel at three of the main canyons, including the Copper Canyon itself - affording magnificent views of Tarahumara Indian Ranchos in this expansive canyon system.


Copper Canyon


Length: Full-day