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Ellora Caves Excursion

Ellora Caves Excursion
In the morning, head out to Ellora Caves. Impressive in their own right are the rock-hewn temples and monasteries of Ellora that lay just 30 km away from Aurangabad City. They are the meeting point of the Buddhists, Jains and Hindus. In all, there are 34 elaborate cave temples. Spanning a period of about 600 years between the 5th and 11th century AD, the earliest excavation here is of the Dhumar Lena, known as Cave 29. The most imposing excavation is, without doubt, that of the magnificent Kailasa Temple, Cave 16, which is the largest monolithic structure in the world. Interestingly, Ellora, unlike the site of Ajanta, was never 'rediscovered'. Known as Verul in ancient times, it has continuously attracted pilgrims through the centuries to the present day.

Location: Aurangabad
Touring Options: Private
Great For: Cultural

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