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Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves
Known as formally as Gharapuri, or the Fortress city, Elephanta Island is just ten km northeast of Apollo Bundur and nine nautical miles across from the Gateway of India. The island hosts four temples cut into rock that date back from 450 to 750 AD. Of the caves, Cave 1 is the most impressive, showcasing an invigorating example of Brahmanical rock-cut architecture. The caves were dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva, and feature a 3-headed, 20ft tall figure of her, known as Trimurthi. There also is a panel of Shiva, known as Maheshamurti that depicts Shiva as the creator, protector, and destroyer. This is a sight that should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Tours to the green island of Elephanta start every day at the Gateway of India.

Location: Mumbai
Touring Options: Private
Great For: Cultural

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