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Emei Shan Tour

Mount Emei, inscribed as by UNESCO as a cultural world heritage site is notable for its exceptionally diverse vegetation, ranging from subtropical to subalpine pine forests. Some of the trees there are more than 1,000 years old. It is also revered by Chinese Buddhists as one of the four Holy Mountains and is shrouded in myths and legends. On arrival take a chair lift to the its highest peak, the Peak of the Ten Thousand Buddhas (Wanfo Ding), which reaches a height of 3099m/10,170ft. A local lunch will be had on the mountain. The summit commands a grand view of rolling mountain peaks, sometimes visible, sometimes emerging from the clouds like small islands in an enormous ocean.

Location: Chengdu
Length: Length: Full-day
Touring Options: Private
Great For: Adventure, Cultural, Wildlife

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