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Belmond Khwai River Lodge

Sink into time-honored indulgence as you overlook the vibrant floodplains and dramatic big game of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Belmond Khwai River Lodge nestles on the edge of a Leadwood forest overlooking the vast floodplains of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. Known for its exceptional range of big game, many animals can be seen slaking their thirst from the comfort of your own private deck. Belmond takes its guests to the heart of each property’s destination, and nowhere is this more palpable than out here in the bush. As you spot lions and hippos, with birds of prey circling above, you feel that you are within a world that has barely changed since time began.

Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge
Belmond Khwai River Lodge

Room Information

All luxury tents at Belmond Khwai River Lodge are housed on raised wooden platforms, offering magnificent views of the African landscape. The tents are shaded by a traditional African thatch roof. Sounds of wildlife surround you as you relax on your large private deck furnished with easy chairs and a hammock. The deck also provides a spectacular environment for enjoying a private dinner in complete harmony with your surroundings, ideal for a special occasion or just as a treat. The tent interiors are luxuriously appointed with en suite bathrooms, a private, mini bar with tea/coffee-making facility, four poster bed with mosquito netting as well as discreet air conditioning.

Things To Do

Be it in the open-air or within the covered dining area, Belmond Khwai River Lodge offers a truly memorable dining experience. In the heart of the safari experience, surrounded by wildlife, enjoy delicious cuisine created by the skilled chefs. The restaurant offers something for everyone all day and the chefs will also gladly prepare picnics for you to take on a game drive. Game drives often start early. You will be woken with a light breakfast to enjoy in your tent before setting off on your drive. Enjoy superb cuisine, fine wine and discreet service with an intimate romantic dinner served on the deck of your tent beneath the African sky (additional costs apply).

African Boma experience
A dining experience second to none in a traditional Boma, best translated as a traditional meeting place, where senior tribe/community members would traditionally get together for the "Kgotla" or meeting. Typically traditional food dishes would be served during or after these get-togethers in the Boma.

The Boma has two entrances, one more hidden than the other to ensure the safe passage of tribe elders or the chief should any threat arise. The Boma offers spectacular vistas of the African night skies, through the silhouettes of Camel Thorn trees and Acacia nigrescens, which have been incorporated into the design.

Game Drives

On early morning game drives expect to see a huge range of creatures, from big cats such as lions and leopards, to hippo, antelope, giraffe and buffalo; widely acknowledged to be the predator capital of the world. Game viewing vehicles sit up to only 6 guests, which allows everyone to enjoy a window seat.

Bird Watching
Many visitors come to Belmond Khwai River Lodge purely to experience its huge variety of more than 300 species of birds. If this is you, then do contact us in advance and let us advise on the perfect time of year to see what interests you the most. For instance, some of our visitors time their trip to coincide with the arrival of the massive flocks of carmine bee eaters on their annual migration. But at any time of year it is wonderful to head out into the bush and among the beautiful trees that surround this camp. Spot the endangered wattled crane, ground hornbill, eagle, several types of stork and many beautiful singing birds such as larks. Special species for twitchers include Arnot’s Chat and Hartlub’s Babbler.

Moonlight Safaris
Night drives “into the middle of nowhere” are an amazing experience—a rare opportunity to be surrounded by the infinite darkness of the African bush. Don’t say a word, but simply gaze up at the stars and listen to the sounds; nocturnal animals are out on the prowl—scuffling, howling and, if you are lucky, emitting the occasional deep-throated roar.

Walking Safari
On a walking safari through the delta you are totally enveloped in nature. You spot amazing things close-up: an insect, animal tracks, big game droppings, swarming termite mounds. These small, unexpected aspects of life often make the biggest impression. If a game drive is like reading a book: a walking safari is actually like becoming a character in that book.

Mothupi’s Boma
Gather around the campfire in this circular space and exchange your day’s adventures, much as local villagers do in similar communal areas throughout Botswana. Flames flicker and lamps glow as drinks are served; a choir sings traditional songs and invites you to a buffet of African specialties.

Star Gazing
The open skies around Belmond Khwai River Lodge make it the perfect place to experience the vast, dark dome of the African night sky. “A jewel box” is how one of our guides describes it, and certainly it is a wealth of riches from the Milky Way to Orion and Venus. Discover how Bushmen used the stars to locate the true south. And, using a powerful telescope, gaze on constellations that visitors from the northern hemisphere may never have seen before, including the Southern Cross.

Village Life
Belmond Khwai River Lodge enjoys a unique location close to a San bushmen’s village. You may wish to visit this village and you may be invited into a private home to experience aspects of the villagers way of life of people who have had to adapt their ancient traditions to modern times.



Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana



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