• A few facts about Uluru (Ayers Rock)

    Uluru is the Aboriginal and official name of Ayers Rock. It refers to both the rock itself and the waterhole on top of the rock.

    For many visitors to Australia, the trip to the immense, magnificent Ayers Rock (Uluru) is the most anticipated part of their trip. One of the most memorable moments is seeing the huge monolith change color as the sun sets. Continue Reading

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  • Incomparable Nature with a Resort to Match – Lizard Island

    When Captain Cook came ashore in 1770, he wrote, “The only land animals we saw here were lizards, and these seem’d to be pretty plenty.” Hence he named this Northeastern Australian isle, Lizard Island.

    If the good captain had possessed a snorkel and a mask, he might have looked below the surface to see some of the most striking coral reef life in the world with more than 1,500 fish, 400 coral and 215 bird species living in and around Lizard Island. Continue Reading

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  • Gratuities in Australia – the safe way about it

    There’s a lot of confusion among travelers about how much one should leave as a gratuity (or tip). For example, last year in Japan, I paid my fare and tried to give the driver the change as a gratuity. He winced as though I had insulted him and, to my surprise, he insisted on giving me change.

    In the U.S., you’re a louse if you leave less than a 18-20 percent gratuity in a restaurant. That’s because the minimum wage for food service workers is painfully low in places such as New York City — just $2.13. Workers are expected to live off the tips. Continue Reading

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  • Travel Trivia: Sydney

    Established In: 1788

    Established By: Arthur Phillip

    Population: 4,627,345 Continue Reading

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  • Hop To It: Kangaroo Island

    Kangaroo Island isn’t that remote, it just feels like a world away.

    Just off Australia’s southern coast, surrounded by stunning, aquamarine-colored waters, Kangaroo Island is a multifaceted wonderland of bushland, beaches, wildlife and adventure. Continue Reading

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  • Fun Facts about the Land Down Under

    In honor of Australia Day, which we celebrated last Saturday, here are some fun facts about the continent:

    • When the English first saw a platypus, they thought the Australians were playing a joke on them by sewing the bill of a duck onto a rat.

    • Australia was once a British penal colony of thieves and other unsavory folks. Australia’s first police force was made up of 12 of the best-behaved convicts. Continue Reading

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